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Optimal convection cooling flows in general 2D geometries


We generalize a recent method for computing optimal 2D convection cooling flows in a horizontal layer to a wide range of geometries, including those relevant for technological applications. We write the problem in a conformal pair of coordinates which are the pure conduction temperature and its harmonic conjugate. We find optimal flows for cooling a cylinder in an annular domain, a hot plate embedded in a cold surface, and a channel with a hot interior and cold exterior. With a constraint of fixed kinetic energy, the optimal flows are all essentially the same in the conformal coordinates. In the physical coordinates, they consist of vortices ranging in size from the length of the hot surface to a small cutoff length at the interface of the hot and cold surfaces. With the constraint of fixed enstrophy (or fixed rate of viscous dissipation), a geometry-dependent metric factor appears in the equations. The conformal coordinates are useful here because they map the problems to a rectangular domain, facilitating numerical solutions. With a small enstrophy budget, the optimal flows are dominated by vortices that have the same size as the flow domain.

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