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Optimal vortex formation in a self-propelled vehicle

  • Robert W. Whittlesey (a1) and John O. Dabiri (a1) (a2)


Previous studies have shown that the formation of coherent vortex rings in the near-wake of a self-propelled vehicle can increase propulsive efficiency compared with a steady jet wake. The present study utilizes a self-propelled vehicle to explore the dependence of propulsive efficiency on the vortex ring characteristics. The maximum propulsive efficiency was observed to occur when vortex rings were formed of the largest physical size, just before the leading vortex ring would pinch off from its trailing jet. These experiments demonstrate the importance of vortex ring pinch off in self-propelled vehicles, where coflow modifies the vortex dynamics.


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Optimal vortex formation in a self-propelled vehicle

  • Robert W. Whittlesey (a1) and John O. Dabiri (a1) (a2)


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