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Pulsating electrohydrodynamic cone-jets: from choked jet to oscillating cone

  • David B. Bober (a1) and Chuan-Hua Chen (a1)

Pulsating cone-jets occur in a variety of electrostatic spraying and printing systems. This paper reports an experimental study of the pulsation frequency to reconcile two models based on a choked jet and an oscillating cone, respectively. The two regimes are demarcated by the ratio of the supplied flow rate () to the minimum flow rate () required for a steady Taylor cone-jet. When , the electrohydrodynamic flow is choked at the nozzle because the intermittent jet, when on, emits mass at the minimum flow rate; the pulsation frequency in the choked jet regime is proportional to . When , the Taylor cone anchored at the nozzle experiences a capillary oscillation analogous to the Rayleigh mode of a free drop; the pulsation frequency in the oscillating cone regime plateaus to the capillary oscillation frequency, which is independent of .

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