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Resolving wave and laminar boundary layer scales for gap resonance problems

  • H. Wang (a1), H. A. Wolgamot (a1), S. Draper (a1), W. Zhao (a1), P. H. Taylor (a1) and L. Cheng (a1)...

Free surface oscillations in a narrow gap between elongated parallel bodies are studied numerically. As this represents both a highly resonant system and an arrangement of relevance to offshore operations, the nature of the damping is of primary interest, and has a critical role in determining the response. Previous experimental work has suggested that the damping could be attributed to laminar boundary layers; here our numerical wave tank successfully resolves both wave and boundary layer scales to provide strong numerical evidence in support of this conclusion. The simulations follow the experiments in using wave groups so that the computation is tractable, and both linear and second harmonic excitation of the gap are demonstrated.

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