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Sensitivity of internal wave energy distribution over seabed corrugations to adjacent seabed features

  • Farid Karimpour (a1), Ahmad Zareei (a1), Joël Tchoufag (a1) and Mohammad-Reza Alam (a1)

Here we show that the distribution of energy of internal gravity waves over a patch of seabed corrugations strongly depends on the distance of the patch to adjacent seafloor features located downstream of the patch. Specifically, we consider the steady state energy distribution due to an incident internal wave arriving at a patch of seabed ripples neighbouring (i) another patch of ripples (i.e. a second patch) and (ii) a vertical wall. Seabed undulations with dominant wavenumber twice as large as overpassing internal waves reflect back part of the energy of the incident internal waves (Bragg reflection) and allow the rest of the energy to transmit downstream. In the presence of a neighbouring topography on the downstream side, the transmitted energy from the patch may reflect back; partially if the downstream topography is another set of seabed ripples or fully if it is a vertical wall. The reflected wave from the downstream topography is again reflected back by the patch of ripples through the same mechanism. This consecutive reflection goes on indefinitely, leading to a complex interaction pattern including constructive and destructive interference of multiply reflected waves as well as an interplay between higher mode internal waves resonated over the topography. We show here that when steady state is reached both the qualitative and quantitative behaviour of the energy distribution over the patch is a strong function of the distance between the patch and the downstream topography: it can increase or decrease exponentially fast along the patch or stay (nearly) unchanged. As a result, for instance, the local energy density in the water column can become an order of magnitude larger in certain areas merely based on where the downstream topography is. This may result in the formation of steep waves in specific areas of the ocean, leading to breaking and enhanced mixing. At a particular distance, the wall or the second patch may also result in a complete disappearance of the trace of the seabed undulations on the upstream and the downstream wave field.

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