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Simulation of turbulent flows with the entropic multirelaxation time lattice Boltzmann method on body-fitted meshes

  • G. Di Ilio (a1), B. Dorschner (a2), G. Bella (a3), S. Succi (a4) (a5) and I. V. Karlin (a2)...


We propose a body-fitted mesh approach based on a semi-Lagrangian streaming step combined with an entropy-based collision model. After determining the order of convergence of the method, we analyse the flow past a circular cylinder in the lower subcritical regime, at a Reynolds number $Re=3900$ , in order to assess the numerical performances for wall-bounded turbulence. The results are compared to experimental and numerical data available in the literature. Overall, the agreement is satisfactory. By adopting an efficient local refinement strategy together with the enhanced stability features of the entropic model, this method extends the range of applicability of the lattice Boltzmann approach to the solution of realistic fluid dynamics problems, at high Reynolds numbers, involving complex geometries.


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Simulation of turbulent flows with the entropic multirelaxation time lattice Boltzmann method on body-fitted meshes

  • G. Di Ilio (a1), B. Dorschner (a2), G. Bella (a3), S. Succi (a4) (a5) and I. V. Karlin (a2)...


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