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Streamwise-varying steady transpiration control in turbulent pipe flow

  • F. Gómez (a1), H. M. Blackburn (a1), M. Rudman (a1), A. S. Sharma (a2) and B. J. McKeon (a3)...

The effect of streamwise-varying steady transpiration on turbulent pipe flow is examined using direct numerical simulation at fixed friction Reynolds number $\mathit{Re}_{{\it\tau}}=314$ . The streamwise momentum equation reveals three physical mechanisms caused by transpiration acting in the flow: modification of Reynolds shear stress, steady streaming and generation of non-zero mean streamwise gradients. The influence of these mechanisms has been examined by means of a parameter sweep involving transpiration amplitude and wavelength. The observed trends have permitted identification of wall transpiration configurations able to reduce or increase the overall flow rate $-36.1\,\%$ and $19.3\,\%$ , respectively. Energetics associated with these modifications are presented. A novel resolvent formulation has been developed to investigate the dynamics of pipe flows with a constant cross-section but with time-mean spatial periodicity induced by changes in boundary conditions. This formulation, based on a triple decomposition, paves the way for understanding turbulence in such flows using only the mean velocity profile. Resolvent analysis based on the time-mean flow and dynamic mode decomposition based on simulation data snapshots have both been used to obtain a description of the reorganization of the flow structures caused by the transpiration. We show that the pipe flows dynamics are dominated by a critical-layer mechanism and the waviness induced in the flow structures plays a role on the streamwise momentum balance by generating additional terms.

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