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Subfilter-scale enrichment of planetary boundary layer large eddy simulation using discrete Fourier–Gabor modes

  • Aditya S. Ghate (a1) and Sanjiva K. Lele (a2)

A new multiscale simulation methodology is introduced to facilitate computationally efficient simulations of high Reynolds number turbulence seen in wall-bounded flows. The scale splitting methodology uses traditional large eddy simulation (LES) with a wall model to simulate the larger scales which are subsequently enriched using a space–time compatible kinematic simulation. Computational feasibility and robustness of the methodology are investigated using two idealized problems that emulate turbulence within the planetary boundary layer (PBL), and a finite Reynolds number channel flow problem which serves to validate the methodology against direct numerical simulation. The space–time correlations and spectra generated using enriched LES show excellent agreement with LES conducted at high resolution for all three problems; thereby demonstrating the potential of this approach for high resolution PBL simulations with a drastic reduction in the computational costs when compared to the conventional approach.

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