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The surface topography of a magnetic fluid: a quantitative comparison between experiment and numerical simulation



The normal field instability in magnetic liquids is investigated experimentally by means of a radioscopic technique which allows a precise measurement of the surface topography. The dependence of the topography on the magnetic field is compared to results obtained by numerical simulations via the finite-element method. Quantitative agreement has been found for the critical field of the instability, the scaling of the pattern amplitude and the detailed shape of the magnetic spikes. The fundamental Fourier mode approximates the shape to within 10% accuracy for a range of up to 40% of the bifurcation parameter of this subcritical bifurcation. The measured control parameter dependence of the wavenumber differs qualitatively from analytical predictions obtained by minimization of the free energy.



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The surface topography of a magnetic fluid: a quantitative comparison between experiment and numerical simulation



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