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Three-dimensional coherent structures in a swirling jet undergoing vortex breakdown: stability analysis and empirical mode construction

  • K. OBERLEITHNER (a1), M. SIEBER (a1), C. N. NAYERI (a1), C. O. PASCHEREIT (a1), C. PETZ (a2), H.-C. HEGE (a2), B. R. NOACK (a3) and I. WYGNANSKI (a4)...


The spatio-temporal evolution of a turbulent swirling jet undergoing vortex breakdown has been investigated. Experiments suggest the existence of a self-excited global mode having a single dominant frequency. This oscillatory mode is shown to be absolutely unstable and leads to a rotating counter-winding helical structure that is located at the periphery of the recirculation zone. The resulting time-periodic 3D velocity field is predicted theoretically as being the most unstable mode determined by parabolized stability analysis employing the mean flow data from experiments. The 3D oscillatory flow is constructed from uncorrelated 2D snapshots of particle image velocimetry data, using proper orthogonal decomposition, a phase-averaging technique and an azimuthal symmetry associated with helical structures. Stability-derived modes and empirically derived modes correspond remarkably well, yielding prototypical coherent structures that dominate the investigated flow region. The proposed method of constructing 3D time-periodic velocity fields from uncorrelated 2D data is applicable to a large class of turbulent shear flows.


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Three-dimensional coherent structures in a swirling jet undergoing vortex breakdown: stability analysis and empirical mode construction

  • K. OBERLEITHNER (a1), M. SIEBER (a1), C. N. NAYERI (a1), C. O. PASCHEREIT (a1), C. PETZ (a2), H.-C. HEGE (a2), B. R. NOACK (a3) and I. WYGNANSKI (a4)...


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