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Trailing-edge noise reduction using derivative-free optimization and large-eddy simulation

  • ALISON L. MARSDEN (a1), MENG WANG (a2), J. E. DENNIS (a3) and PARVIZ MOIN (a1)


Derivative-free optimization techniques are applied in conjunction with large-eddy simulation (LES) to reduce the noise generated by turbulent flow over a hydrofoil trailing edge. A cost function proportional to the radiated acoustic power is derived based on the Ffowcs Williams and Hall solution to Lighthill's equation. Optimization is performed using the surrogate-management framework with filter-based constraints for lift and drag. To make the optimization more efficient, a novel method has been developed to incorporate Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes (RANS) calculations for constraint evaluation. Separation of the constraint and cost-function computations using this method results in fewer expensive LES computations. This work demonstrates the ability to fully couple optimization to large-eddy simulation for time-accurate turbulent flow. The results demonstrate an 89% reduction in noise power, which comes about primarily by the elimination of low-frequency vortex shedding. The higher-frequency broadband noise is reduced as well, by a subtle change in the lower surface near the trailing edge.



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