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Transient features of natural convection in a cavity

  • John C. Patterson (a1) and S. W. Armfield (a1)

Comparisons of numerical and experimental results for transient two-dimensional natural convection initiated by instantaneously heating and cooling the opposing vertical walls of a square cavity containing a stationary and isothermal fluid are presented. The good comparisons indicate that the simulation is capturing the important features of the flow. Several features are identified and discussed in detail; in particular, the presence of travelling wave instabilities on the vertical-wall boundary layers and horizontal intrusions, the existence of a rapid flow divergence in the region of the outflow of the intrusions, and the presence of cavity-scale oscillations, caused by the interaction of the intrusions with the opposing vertical boundary layer. The utilization of both numerical and experimental investigations has allowed a more complete exploitation of the available resources than would have been possible had each been conducted separately.

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