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Transitional flow between contra-rotating disks

  • M. Kilic (a1) (a2), X. Gan (a1) and J. M. Owen (a1)


This paper describes a combined computational and experimental study of the flow between contra-rotating disks for – 1 ≤ Γ ≤ 0 and Reϕ = 105, where Γ is the ratio of the speed of the slower disk to that of the faster one and Reϕ is the rotational Reynolds number of the faster disk. For Γ = 0, the rotor-stator case, laminar and turbulent computations and experimental measurements show that laminar Batchelor-type flow occurs: there is radial outflow in a boundary layer on the rotating disk, inflow on the stationary disk and a rotating core of fluid between. For Γ = – 1, the laminar computations produce Batchelor-type flow: there is radial outflow on both disks and inflow in a free shear layer in the mid-plane, on either side of which is a rotating core of fluid. The turbulent computations and the velocity measurements for Γ = – 1 show Stewartson-type flow: radial outflow occurs in laminar boundary layers on the disks and inflow occurs in a non-rotating turbulent core between the boundary layers. For intermediate values of Γ, transition from Batchelor-type flow to Stewartson-type flow is associated with a two-cell structure, the two-cells being separated by a streamline that stagnates on the slower disk; Batchelor-type flow occurs radially outward of the stagnation point and Stewartson-type flow radially inward. The turbulent computations are mainly in good agreement with the measured velocities for Γ = 0 and Γ = – 1, where either Batchelor-type flow or Stewartson-type flow occurs; there is less good agreement at intermediate values of Γ, particularly for Γ = – 0.4 where the double transition of Batchelor-type flow to Stewartson-type flow and laminar to turbulent flow occurs in the two-cell structure.



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Transitional flow between contra-rotating disks

  • M. Kilic (a1) (a2), X. Gan (a1) and J. M. Owen (a1)


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