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Turbulence reduction by screens

  • Johan Groth (a1) and Arne V. Johansson (a1)

Turbulence suppression by use of screens was studied in a small wind tunnel especially designed and built for the purpose. Wide ranges of mesh sizes and wire-diameter Reynolds numbers were covered in the present investigation, enabling the study of sub- and super-critical screens under the same, well-controlled, flow conditions. For the latter type small-scale fluctuations, produced by the screen itself, interact with the incoming turbulence. In the immediate vicinity of the screen the turbulence was found to be highly anisotropic and the intensities were higher than on the upstream side. Downstream of a short initial decay region, where the intensities decrease rapidly, the return to isotropy was found to be much slower than for the unmanipulated turbulence. The latter was generated by a square rod grid, and was shown to become practically isotropic beyond a distance of roughly 20 mesh widths from the grid. The role of the turbulence scales for the overall reduction effectiveness, and for the optimization of screen combinations for application in low-turbulence wind tunnels was studied.

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