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Characterization of ion-induced radiation effects in nuclear materials using synchrotron x-ray techniques

  • Maik Lang (a1), Cameron L. Tracy (a2), Raul I. Palomares (a3), Fuxiang Zhang (a4), Daniel Severin (a5), Markus Bender (a5), Christina Trautmann (a6), Changyong Park (a7), Vitali B. Prakapenka (a8), Vladimir A. Skuratov (a9) and Rodney C. Ewing (a10)...

Recent efforts to characterize the nanoscale structural and chemical modifications induced by energetic ion irradiation in nuclear materials have greatly benefited from the application of synchrotron-based x-ray diffraction (XRD) and x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) techniques. Key to the study of actinide-bearing materials has been the use of small sample volumes, which are particularly advantageous, as the small quantities minimize the level of radiation exposure at the ion-beam and synchrotron user facility. This approach utilizes energetic heavy ions (energy range: 100 MeV–3 GeV) that pass completely through the sample thickness and deposit an almost constant energy per unit length along their trajectory. High energy x-rays (25–65 keV) from intense synchrotron light sources are then used in transmission geometry to analyze ion-induced structural and chemical modifications throughout the ion tracks. We describe in detail the experimental approach for utilizing synchrotron radiation (SR) to study the radiation response of a range of nuclear materials (e.g., ThO2 and Gd2Ti x Zr2−x O7). Also addressed is the use of high-pressure techniques, such as the heatable diamond anvil cell, as a new means to expose irradiated materials to well-controlled high-temperature (up to 1000 °C) and/or high-pressure (up to 50 GPa) conditions. This is particularly useful for characterizing the annealing kinetics of irradiation-induced material modifications.

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Contributing Editor: Djamel Kaoumi

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