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Characterization of swift heavy ion irradiation damage in ceria

  • Clarissa A. Yablinsky (a1), Ram Devanathan (a2), Janne Pakarinen (a3), Jian Gan (a4), Daniel Severin (a5), Christina Trautmann (a6) and Todd R. Allen (a7)...

Swift heavy ion induced radiation damage is investigated for ceria (CeO2), which serves as a UO2 fuel surrogate. Microstructural changes resulting from an irradiation with 940 MeV gold ions of 42 keV/nm electronic energy loss are investigated by means of electron microscopy accompanied by electron energy loss spectroscopy showing that there exists a small density reduction in the ion track core. While chemical changes in the ion track are not precluded, evidence of them was not observed. Classical molecular dynamics simulations of thermal spikes in CeO2 with an energy deposition of 12 and 36 keV/nm show damage consisting of isolated point defects at 12 keV/nm, and defect clusters at 36 keV/nm, with no amorphization at either energy. Inferences are drawn from modeling about density changes in the ion track and the formation of interstitial loops that shed light on features observed by electron microscopy of swift heavy ion irradiated ceria.

Corresponding author
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C.A. Yablinsky and R. Devanathan contributed equally to this work


This work was performed while C.A. Yablinsky and J. Pakarinen were at Engineering Physics Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1500 Engineering Drive, Madison, WI 53706, USA

Contributing Editor: Joel Ribis

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