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Effect of processing on Charpy impact toughness of metallic glass matrix composites

  • Carl Zachrisson (a1), Henry Kozachkov (a2), Scott Roberts (a2), Georg Kaltenboeck (a2), Robert D. Conner (a3), Marios D. Demetriou (a4), William L. Johnson (a4) and Douglas C. Hofmann (a5)...

In this study, compact Charpy impact testing was used to investigate the effect of processing history and dendrite morphology of bulk metallic glass matrix composites (BMGMCs) on impact toughness. Composite samples were fabricated via suction casting and semisolid forging, and the results were compared with crystalline alloys in the same geometry. A strong dependence on processing was observed, with samples exhibiting up to a 30-fold increase in impact toughness depending on processing and microstructure. Provided that attention is paid to processing techniques, BMGMCs are shown to have properties that equal or surpass some conventionally used crystalline alloys. These properties invite further exploration of these materials in structural applications.

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