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Epitaxial growth of gadolinium oxide on roll-textured nickel using a solution growth technique

  • Jonathan S. Morrell (a1), Ziling B. Xue (a1), Eliot D. Specht (a2), Amit Goyal (a2), Patrick M. Martin (a2), Dominic F. Lee (a2), R. Feenstra (a3), D. T. Verebelyi (a3), D. K. Christen (a3), Thomas G. Chirayil (a4), Mariappan Paranthaman (a4), Catherine E. Vallet (a4) and David B. Beach (a4)...


Chemical solution epitaxy was used to deposit an epitaxial film of Gd2O3 on roll-textured nickel. A 2-methoxyethanol solution of gadolinium methoxyethoxide was used for spin-coating and dip-coating. Films were crystallized using a heat treatment at 1160 °C for 1 h in 4% H2/96% Ar. Single-layer films were approximately 600 Å in thickness, and thicker films could be produced using multiple coatings. θ/2θ x-ray diffractograms revealed only (0041) reflections, indicating a high degree of out-of-plane texture. A pole-figure about the Gd2O3 (222) reflection indicated a single in-plane epitaxy. Scanning electron microscopy showed that the films were smooth, continuous, and free of pin holes. Atomic force microscopy revealed an average surface roughness of 53 Å. Electron diffraction indicated that the misalignment of the majority of the grains in the plane was less than 10°. High-current (0.4 MA/cm2) Yba2Cu3O7–δ films were grown on roll-textured nickel substrates using Gd2O3 as the base layer in a three-layer buffer structure.


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