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Extraordinary Superplastic Ductility of Magnesium Alloy ZK60

  • R. Lapovok (a1), R. Cottam (a1), P.F. Thomson (a1) and Y. Estrin (a2)


Exceptionally high tensile ductility of commercial Mg alloy ZK60 is reported. It was achieved by equal channel angular pressing without any extra processing steps. The tensile ductility at 220 °C was 2040% and 1400% for the strain rates of 3 × 10−4 s−1 and 3 × 10−3 s−1, respectively. The strain rate sensitivity of the flow stress exhibited a value slightly above 0.5, which is characteristic of superplastic deformation. The grain structure associated with this behavior was shown to be bi-modal with further separation in two fractions with different grain sizes within the small grain size population.


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Extraordinary Superplastic Ductility of Magnesium Alloy ZK60

  • R. Lapovok (a1), R. Cottam (a1), P.F. Thomson (a1) and Y. Estrin (a2)


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