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Field emission from laser cut CNT fibers and films

  • Steven B. Fairchild (a1), John S. Bulmer (a2), Martin Sparkes (a3), John Boeckl (a4), Marc Cahay (a5), Tyson Back (a6), P. Terrence Murray (a6), Gregg Gruen (a7), Matthew Lange (a7), Nathaniel P. Lockwood (a8), Francisco Orozco (a9), William O’Neill (a10), Catharina Paukner (a11) and Krzysztof K. K. Koziol (a11)...
  • Please note a correction has been issued for this article.

Field emission (FE) measurements are reported from carbon nanotube (CNT) fibers and laser-patterned free standing films fabricated by direct online condensation from a floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition reactor. Fiber and film cathodes showed stable emission in the 1–2 mA current (I) range at maximum cathode temperatures less than 1000 °C; film cathodes show localized heating at the triangular tips and higher maximum temperatures than the fibers. Fowler–Nordheim (FN) analysis indicated a change in the morphology of the emitters with increasing external electrical field (E ext). Fiber cathode IE ext data are interpreted as FN emission from the fiber tip which is eventually limited by space-charge effects. At higher E ext, FN emission from the fiber sidewall occurs. The single fiber cathode stopped emitting abruptly when field induced self-heating effects became significant. For CNT films, self-heating effects can destroy a portion of the film, but FE can still occur from other areas.

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