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Highly efficient H2 evolution over ZnO-ZnS-CdS heterostructures from an aqueous solution containing SO32- and S2- ions

  • Xuewen Wang, Gang Liu, Zhi-Gang Chen, Feng Li (a1), Gao Qing Lu (a2) and Hui-Ming Cheng (a1)...

ZnO-ZnS-CdS heterostructure photocatalysts for water splitting were designed and prepared by a wet chemistry method. It was found that ZnO-ZnS-CdS heterostructures are highly active photocatalysts for H2 evolution under simulated solar light irradiation in an aqueous solution containing SO32- and S2- ions as sacrificial reagents. H2 evolution with (ZnO)2-(ZnS)1-(CdS)1 heterostructure reaches up to 2790 μmol h−1 g−1. The photoexcited electrons in the ZnO-ZnS-CdS heterostructures have a much longer lifetime (>225 ns) than that of the sole ZnO, ZnS, and CdS (<65 ns). The favorable interface processes of the heterostructures make a significant contribution to high photocatalytic H2 evolution rate.

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