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Homogeneous flow of bulk metallic glass composites with a high volume fraction of reinforcement

  • X.L. Fu (a1), Y. Li (a2) and C.A. Schuh (a3)

We present a systematic study of homogeneous deformation in a La-based bulk metallic glass and two in situ composites based on the same glass. In contrast to prior investigations, which focused on relatively dilute composites, in this work the reinforcement volume percentages were more concentrated at 37% and 52%—near or above the percolation threshold (35–40%). Hot uniaxial compressive testing was conducted over a wide strain rate range from 10−2to 10−5s−1at a temperature near the glass transition. For such concentrated composites, the homogeneous deformation behavior appeared to be dominated by the properties of the reinforcement phase; in the present case the La reinforcements deformed by glide-controlled creep. Post-deformation analysis suggested that bulk metallic glass matrix composites were susceptible to microstructural evolution, which appeared to be enhanced by deformation, in contrast with a stress-free anneal. Consequently, unreinforced bulk metallic glass appeared to be more structurally stable than its composites during deformation near the glass transition.

Corresponding author
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