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Improved current collection in WO3:Mo/WO3 bilayer photoelectrodes

  • Nicolas Gaillard, Brian Cole, Jess Kaneshiro, Eric L. Miller (a1), Bjorn Marsen (a2), Lothar Weinhardt (a3), Marcus Bär (a4), Clemens Heske (a5), Kwang-Soon Ahn, Yanfa Yan and Mowafak M. Al-Jassim (a6)...


We report on the incorporation of molybdenum into tungsten oxide by co-sputtering and its effect on solar-powered photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting. Our study shows that Mo incorporation in the bulk of the film (WO3:Mo) results in poor PEC performance when compared with pure WO3, most likely due to defects that trap photo-generated charge carriers. However, when a WO3:Mo/WO3 bilayer electrode is used, a 20% increase of the photocurrent density at 1.6 V versus saturated calomel reference electrode is observed compared with pure WO3. Morphological and microstructural analysis of the WO3:Mo/WO3 bilayer structure reveals that it is formed by coherent growth of the WO3:Mo top layer on the WO3 bottom layer. This effect allows an optimization of the electronic surface structure of the electrode while maintaining good crystallographic properties in the bulk.


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