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Influence of casting temperature on the thermal stability of Cu- and Zr-based metallic glasses: Theoretical analysis and experiments

  • Z.W. Zhu (a1), H.F. Zhang (a2), H. Wang (a3), B.Z. Ding (a2) and Z.Q. Hu (a2)...

Influence of casting temperature on the thermal stability of Cu- and Zr-based metallic glasses (MGs) was analyzed based on the monomer-cluster structural model using the Johnson–Mehl–Avrami (JMA) equation. The result indicates that increasing the casting temperature can enhance the thermal stability of MGs. It is suggested that it be attributed to the decrease in the amount of the local ordering clusters induced by the elevating casting temperature. The prediction is confirmed by continuous heating transformation diagrams constructed for the Cu- and Zr-amorphous samples obtained under different casting temperatures.

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