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Local and Electronic Structure of Siloxene

  • Ernst Z. Kurmaev (a1), Sergei N. Shamin (a1), David L. Ederer (a2), Ursula Dettlaff-Weglikowska (a3) and Jörg Weber (a3)...


Silicon L2,3 x-ray emission spectra (XES) of siloxene powder samples prepared according to Wöohler and Kautsky (Wöhler and Kautsky siloxene) are presented. The results are compared with the Si L2,3 spectra of the reference compounds a-Si, c-Si, SiO2, and SiOx. A close similarity of the electronic structure of Wöhler siloxene to that of a-SiO0.43: H and of Kautsky siloxene to that of a-SiO0.87: H is found. We determine the number of oxygen atoms per Si atom at ~0.5 in Wöhler siloxene and ~0.8 in Kautsky siloxene. The relative concentrations are in good agreement with the results of infrared absorption measurements on the same samples.



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