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Microstructures and mechanical properties of AZ91 alloys prepared by multi-pass friction stir processing

  • Fang Chai (a1), Fei Yan (a1), Wei Wang (a1), Qichen Lu (a1) and Xiang Fang (a1)...

AZ91 magnesium plates with a thickness of 6 mm were subjected to one- and two-pass friction stir processing (FSP). Microstructures and mechanical properties of the experimental materials were investigated. The results show that FSP can significantly refine the microstructures of magnesium alloys, and two-pass FSP can prepare slightly finer grains in comparison with one-pass FSP. Some coarse β-Mg17Al12 phases existed in the first pass FSP break and dissolve into the matrix under the action of the second pass FSP. Microhardness distribution of the two-pass FSP AZ91 alloy exhibits no too much difference with that of the one-pass FSP AZ91 alloy. Due to further finer microstructures, the tensile properties of the two-pass FSP alloy are slightly higher than those of the one-pass FSP alloy. Both FSP AZ91 alloys show typical ductile fracture characteristics, while the dimples on the two-pass FSP specimen are much deeper and increase in quantity.

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