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Radiation stability of nanocrystalline single-phase multicomponent alloys

  • Emil Levo (a1), Fredric Granberg (a1), Daniel Utt (a2), Karsten Albe (a2), Kai Nordlund (a1) and Flyura Djurabekova (a3)...


In search of materials with better properties, polycrystalline materials are often found to be superior to their respective single crystalline counterparts. Reduction of grain size in polycrystalline materials can drastically alter the properties of materials. When the grain sizes reach the nanometer scale, the improved mechanical response of the materials make them attractive in many applications. Multicomponent solid-solution alloys have shown to have a higher radiation tolerance compared with pure materials. Combining these advantages, we investigate the radiation tolerance of nanocrystalline multicomponent alloys. We find that these alloys withstand a much higher irradiation dose, compared with nanocrystalline Ni, before the nanocrystallinity is lost. Some of the investigated alloys managed to keep their nanocrystallinity for twice the irradiation dose as pure Ni.


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Radiation stability of nanocrystalline single-phase multicomponent alloys

  • Emil Levo (a1), Fredric Granberg (a1), Daniel Utt (a2), Karsten Albe (a2), Kai Nordlund (a1) and Flyura Djurabekova (a3)...


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