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Synthesis of hyperbranched poly(amine–ester)-protected noble metal nanoparticles in aqueous solution

  • Chunyan Bao (a1), Ming Jin (a1), Ran Lu (a1), Pengchong Xue (a1), Tierui Zhang (a1), Changhui Tan (a1) and Yingying Zhao (a1)...

The synthesis of Au and Ag metal nanoparticles stabilized by G4, G5, and G6 hyperbranched poly(amine–ester) (HPAE) is reported. The reduction of hydrogen tetrachloroaurate and silver nitrate in the presence of HPAE resulted in the formation of stable, uniform, water-soluble nanoparticles. The average particle sizes are (2.4 ±0.5)–(4.1 ±0.4) nm for Au and (2.5 ±4.9)–(10.3 ±1.7) nm for Ag, depending on the generation of HPAE and metal ion-to-end tertiary amine of HPAE (M:N) used. All of the obtained colloidal solutions are stable for a long period of time. The results from ultraviolet–visible absorption spectra and Fourier transform infrared absorption spectroscopic investigations confirm the interactions between metal and HPAE.

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