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Thermodynamic description of the Cu–Sn system

  • Wojcieh Gierlotka (a1), Sinn-wen Chen (a2) and Shih-kang Lin (a2)


The Cu–Sn binary system is important for various applications, especially for recent developments in the electronics packaging industry. The ϵ-Cu3Sn and η-Cu6Sn5 (η′ phases) phases are frequently encountered in electronics products. However, the two phases have been described as line compounds in previous thermodynamic modeling, and their compositional homogeneities were not considered. In this study, the thermodynamic properties of the Cu–Sn binary system are modeled and the phase diagram is calculated by the CALPHAD method, using experimental information reported in the literature. The ϵ and η (η′) phases are described using compound energy models with two and three sublattices, respectively, so that their compositional homogeneities could be calculated. Good agreement was observed between the calculated result and the existing experimental data.


Corresponding author

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