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Viscous Poisson's coefficient determined by discontinuous hot forging

  • Ruzhong Zuo (a1), Emil Aulbach (a1) and Jürgen Rödel (a1)

A high-resolution laser-assisted loading dilatometer was applied for the precise measurement of radial and axial strain rates under different uniaxial loads, using alumina as a model material. As a continuous application of an external load can lead to an anisotropic microstructure, a discontinuous hot forging technique was utilized to determine the viscous Poisson's coefficient. In these studies, samples were presintered to different densities and only then were hot-forging tests performed. The result provides an isotropic viscous Poisson's coefficient, which increases smoothly between 0.21 and 0.42 within the accessible density range. Combined with the uniaxial viscosity measured before using the same technique, the hydrostatic sintering stress, bulk viscosity, and shear viscosity as a function of density are now available for solid-state sintering. A comparison of the experimentally obtained results with several theoretical models is included.

Corresponding author
a) Address all correspondence to this author. e-mail: zuo@ceramics.tu-darmstadt-de
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