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Journal of Mechanics
  • ISSN: 1727-7191 (Print), 1811-8216 (Online)
  • Editor: K. N. Chiang Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, |National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan|
  • Editorial board
The objective of the Journal of Mechanics is to provide an international forum to foster exchange of ideas among mechanics communities in different parts of world. The Journal publishes original research in all fields of theoretical and applied mechanics. The Journal of Mechanics especially welcomes papers that are related to recent technological advances, such as micro/nanomechanics, medical and biological systems, and microscale heat transfer. The contributions, which may be analytical, experimental or numerical, should be of significance to the progress of mechanics. Papers which are merely illustrations of established principles and procedures will generally not be accepted. Reports that are of technical interest are published as Short articles. Review articles are published only by invitation.

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