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The furcula in Suchomimus tenerensis and Tyrannosaurus rex (Dinosauria: Theropoda: Tetanurae)

  • Christine Lipkin (a1) (a2), Paul C. Sereno (a1) and John R. Horner (a3)

Ossified clavicles, either as paired elements or as a median furcula, have been recorded in all major clades of dinosaurs, including ornithischians, sauropodomorphs, and theropods (Bryant and Russell, 1993). Nearly all but the most basal theropods, Eoraptor lunensis and Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis, have an ossified furcula including coelophysids (Downs, 2000; Tykoski et al., 2002; Carrano et al., 2005), allosauroids (Chure and Madsen, 1996), tyrannosaurids (Makovicky and Currie, 1998; Larson and Donnan, 2002; Brochu, 2003; Lipkin and Sereno, 2004; Larson and Rigby, 2005), therizinosaurids (Xu et al., 1999a; Zhang et al., 2001), oviraptorids (Barsbold, 1983; Clark et al., 1999, 2001; Hwang et al., 2002; Osmólska et al., 2004), troodontids (Xu and Norell, 2004), and dromaeosaurids (Norell et al., 1997; Norell and Makovicky, 1999; Xu et al., 1999b; Burnham et al., 2000; Hwang et al., 2002). No ossification of any element beyond the coracoid has been found in the pectoral girdle of the well-preserved primitive theropods, Eoraptor lunensis and Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis.

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