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Implications of wall composition and structure in agglutinated foraminifers

  • Alfred R. Loeblich (a1) and Helen Tappan (a1)

The foraminiferal suborder Astrorhizina is reinstated for the typically monothalamous agglutinated taxa whose cementing material is solely organic, the suborder Haplophragmiina reinstated for multilocular agglutinated taxa with organic cement and simple to alveolar walls. The suborder Trochamminina is recognized for those with organic cement and simple agglutinated walls, and the suborder Textulariina is restricted to include only those with agglutinated walls containing biogenic calcareous cement, and typically canaliculate. In the latter suborder, the new genera Connemarella, type species Gaudryina rudis Wright, and Hemlebenia, type species Hemlebenia aptiensis n. sp., are described in the expanded family Pseudogaudryinidae, subfamily Pseudogaudryininae, whose geologic range thereby is extended into the Lower Cretaceous (Aptian).

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