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Paracapsulapagurus poponguinensis, a new hermit crab (Decapoda, Anomura, Paguroidea) from the Maastrichtian of Senegal

  • Matúš Hyžný (a1) (a2), René H.B. Fraaije (a3), Jeremy E. Martin (a4), Vincent Perrier (a4) and Raphaël Sarr (a5)...

Based on a single right cheliped from the Cape de Naze Formation (middle–upper Maastrichtian), Senegal, a new genus and species of hermit crab with capsulated setae is described. Paracapsulapagurus poponguinensis n. gen. n. sp. is characterized by platy, scale-like, non-spinose tubercles with setae arranged in curved rows. This is only the third record of a fossil hermit crab with capsulated setae. These are documented in detail using SEM-imaging. For the first time, capsulated setae are also figured for the Early Jurassic hermit crab Schobertella.

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