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Revision of some Silurian paulinitid scolecodonts from western New York

  • Claes F. Bergman (a1)


A revision of the Silurian paulinitid scolecodont taxa from the Power Glen Formation of the Medina Group at Niagara Gorge relies on multi-element taxonomy to place the five genera and ten species of Eller (1940) into just two species: Kettnerites invisibilis (Eller, 1940) and ?K. plenidens (Eller, 1940). The generic name Nereidavus should not be used for paulinitids; the type specimen of Nereidavus has been lost, and indications are that it was probably not a paulinitid.



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Revision of some Silurian paulinitid scolecodonts from western New York

  • Claes F. Bergman (a1)


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