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Collective dynamics in strongly coupled dusty plasma medium

  • Amita Das (a1), Vikram Dharodi (a1) and Sanat Tiwari (a1)


A simplified description of dynamical response of strongly coupled medium is desirable in many contexts of physics. The dusty plasma medium can play an important role in this regard due to its uniqueness, as its dynamical response typically falls within the perceptible grasp of human senses. Furthermore, even at room temperature and normal densities it can be easily prepared to be in a strongly coupled regime. A simplified phenomenological fluid model based on the visco - elastic behaviour of the medium is often invoked to represent the collective dynamical response of a strongly coupled dusty plasma medium. The manuscript reviews the role of this particular Generalized Hydrodynamic (GHD) fluid model in capturing the collective properties exhibited by the medium. In addition the paper also provides new insights on the collective behaviour predicted by the model for the medium, in terms of coherent structures, instabilities, transport and mixing properties.


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Collective dynamics in strongly coupled dusty plasma medium

  • Amita Das (a1), Vikram Dharodi (a1) and Sanat Tiwari (a1)


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