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  • ISSN: 0022-3778 (Print), 1469-7807 (Online)
  • Editors: Professor Bill Dorland University of Maryland, College Park, USA and Professor Alex Schekochihin University of Oxford, UK
  • Editorial board
JPP aspires to be the intellectual home of those who think of plasma physics as a fundamental discipline. The journal will particularly focus on publishing research on laboratory plasmas (including magnetically confined and inertial fusion plasmas), space physics and plasma astrophysics that takes advantage of the rapid ongoing progress in instrumentation and computing to advance fundamental understanding of multiscale plasma physics. The Journal welcomes submissions of analytical, numerical, observational and experimental work: both original research and tutorial- or review-style papers, as well as proposals for its Lecture Notes series.

Featured articles


  • Waves Côte d'Azur
  • 10 Apr 2019,
  • Journal of Plasma Physics sponsor Waves Côte d'Azur, A transdisciplinary conference on nonlinearity and disorder in wave phenomena, from microscopic to physiologic and astronomical scales. 4-7 June 2019 in Nice, France.

  • Ecole de Physique Des Houches
  • 05 Apr 2019,
  • Journal of Plasma Physics, are supporting awards for the best contributed talks and the best posters at the Ecole de Physique Des Houches 13-24 May 2019 Les Houches (France). The laureates will receive plasma physics books published by Cambridge University Press.

  • Tünde Fülöp, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
  • 30 Jan 2019,
  • Journal of Plasma Physics board member, Professor Tünde Fülöp, has been elected as a new member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences “I feel deeply honoured and I am looking forward to contributing to the important task of the Academy – to promote science and strengthen its role and influence in our society. It will also be interesting to exchange experiences and ideas with the other members,” says Tünde

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