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Comparison of linear modes in kinetic plasma models

  • Enrico Camporeale (a1) and David Burgess (a2)

We compare, in an extensive and systematic way, linear theory results obtained with the hybrid (ion kinetic and electron fluid), the gyrokinetic and the fully kinetic plasma models. We present a test case with parameters that are relevant for solar wind turbulence at small scales, which is a topic now recognized to need a kinetic treatment, to a certain extent. We comment on the comparison of low-frequency single modes (Alfvén/ion-cyclotron, ion-acoustic and fast modes) for a wide range of propagation angles, and on the overall spectral properties of the linear operators, for quasi-perpendicular propagation. The methodology and the results presented in this paper will be valuable when choosing which model should be used in regimes where the assumptions of each model are not trivially satisfied.

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