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Compressive and rarefactive dust ion-acoustic solitary waves with degenerate electron–positron–ion plasma

  • K. N. Mukta (a1), M. S. Zobaer (a1), N. Roy (a1) and A. A. Mamun (a1)


The nonlinear propagation of dust ion-acoustic (DIA) waves in a unmagnetized collisionless degenerate dense plasma (containing degenerate electron and positron, and classical ion fluids) has been theoretically investigated. The K-dV equation has been derived by employing the reductive perturbation method and by taking into account the effect of different plasma parameters in plasma fluid. The stationary solitary wave solution of K-dV equation is obtained, and numerically analyzed to identify the basic properties of DIA solitary structures. It has been shown that depending on plasma parametric values, the degenerate plasma under consideration supports compressive or rarefactive solitary structures. It has been also found that the effect of pressures on electrons, ions, and positrons significantly modify the basic features of solitary waves that are found to exist in such a plasma system. The relevance of our results in astrophysical objects such as white dwarfs and neutron stars, which are of scientific interest, is discussed briefly.


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Compressive and rarefactive dust ion-acoustic solitary waves with degenerate electron–positron–ion plasma

  • K. N. Mukta (a1), M. S. Zobaer (a1), N. Roy (a1) and A. A. Mamun (a1)


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