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On the accuracy of the symmetric ergodic magnetic limiter map in tokamaks

  • A. R. SOHRABI (a1), S. M. JAZAYERI (a1) and M. MOLLABASHI (a1)

A new symmetric symplectic map for an ergodic magnetic limiter (EML) is proposed. A rigorous mapping technique based on the Hamilton–Jacobi equation is used for its derivation. The system is composed of the equilibrium field, which is fully integrable, and a Hamiltonian perturbation. The equilibrium poloidal flux function is a solution of the Grad–Schlüter–Shafranov equation. This equation is written in polar toroidal coordinate in order to take into account the outward Shafranov shift. The static perturbation field breaks the exact axisymmetry of the equilibrium field and creates a region of chaotic field lines near the plasma edge. The new symmetric EML map is compared with the conventional (asymmetric) EML map which is derived by applying delta-function method. The accuracy of the maps is considered through mean energy error criterion and maximal Lyapunov exponents. For asymmetric and symmetric maps the approximate location of the main cantorus near the edge of plasma is determined with high accuracy by using mean energy error. The forward–backward error criterion is applied to show the relation between the accuracy of the symmetric EML map and the number of EML rings. We also report on the effect of the number of EML rings on the maximal Lyapunov exponent of the symmetric EML map.

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