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Stereoscopic imaging of dusty plasmas

  • André Melzer (a1), Michael Himpel (a1), Carsten Killer (a1) and Matthias Mulsow (a1)


The fundamentals of stereoscopy and their application to dusty plasmas are described. It is shown that stereoscopic methods allow us to measure the three-dimensional particle positions and trajectories with high spatial and temporal resolution. The underlying technical implications are presented and requirements and limitations are discussed. The stereoscopic method is demonstrated for dust particles in dust-density waves under microgravity conditions.

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      Stereoscopic imaging of dusty plasmas
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      Stereoscopic imaging of dusty plasmas
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      Stereoscopic imaging of dusty plasmas
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Stereoscopic imaging of dusty plasmas

  • André Melzer (a1), Michael Himpel (a1), Carsten Killer (a1) and Matthias Mulsow (a1)


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