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Theory of azimuthal surface waves propagating in non-uniform waveguides

  • V. O. GIRKA (a1), I. O. GIRKA (a1), A. V. GIRKA (a1) and I. V. PAVLENKO (a1)

This paper is devoted to the theory of surface waves propagating across axis of symmetry in non-uniform cylindrical metal waveguides with plasma filling. The presented results are devoted to: first, studying an influence of plasma density non-uniformity on the features of these waves; second, studying an influence of an external magnetic fields' non-uniformity on their dispersion properties; third, studying possibility to sustain gas discharge by propagation of these waves under different operating regimes. The problems have been solved both analytically and numerically. Plasma particles are described in the framework of hydrodynamics; fields of the studied waves are determined by a set of Maxwell equations. Analytical research of the obtained equations is carried out by the method of successive approximation; adequacy of such approach is proved here as well. Numerical evaluations of the possibilities to observe experimentally the phenomena, which accompany propagation of these waves, are carried out.

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