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Parameters of tongue shape of /n/ and /l/ in Basque

  • Alexander Iribar (a1), Rosa Miren Pagola (a1), Itziar Túrrez (a1), José Luis García Arroyo (a2), Begoña García Zapirain (a2) and Ibon Oleagordia Ruiz (a2)...

This paper presents an experimental articulatory characterisation of lateral /l/ and nasal /n/ in Basque, using MRI midsagittal images. In order to assess previous observations of retroflexion or velarisation in these consonants in Basque, a battery of articulatory parameters is used which can be directly measured on the images. This set of parameters, focused on the description of the tongue shape and position, permits a fine-grained characterisation of the articulation of the two consonants under study, indicating the possible existence of a double articulation pattern in /l/ and, less clearly, in /n/. The results help to compensate for the lack of experimental descriptions on the articulation of Basque.

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