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The breeding and fecundity of the Long Rough Dab Hippoglossoides platessoides (Fabr.) and the associated cycle in condition

  • T. B. Bagenal (a1)


Details are given of the breeding biology, including the fecundity, of the Long Rough Dab deduced from samples taken in the Clyde Sea area from October 1953 to April 1955. Where possible breeding is related to the condition of the fish; the index of condition is based on the length-weight relation.

The weight of Long Rough Dabs of each sex and stage in maturity increases as a power, slightly greater than the cube, of the length. An annual cycle of fluctuations of this power is seen in the immature females, and indicates how changes in condition at different seasons affect the different size-groups. The measure of condition is taken as the expected weight of a 20 cm Long Rough Dab, and the changes in this weight are followed through the sampling period for males and for immature, maturing and spent females. All groups tend to be in best condition during November and December followed by a decline to the spawning time, in March and April, after which there is a slow recovery.



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