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Haemoglobin function in Terebella lapidaria L., an intertidal terebellid polychaete

  • R. M. G. Wells (a1) and R. P. Dales (a1)

Terebella lapidaria L. is a small terebellid common in crevices in the mid-littoral zone of rocky shores in the Plymouth area. The coelom contains abundant coelomocytes charged with haemoglobin in sufficient quantity to give the worm a brick-red colour. T. lapidaria also has a discrete vascular system with haemoglobin dissolved in the plasma. When covered by the tide the worm irrigates its burrow intermittently. When revealed by the tide it cannot do so, and is then left in a thin film of water or in moist air for 3–4 h. We thought it was of some interest therefore to determine the oxygen equilibrium characteristics of these pigments.

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