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Mitochondrial D-loop DNA analyses of Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) reveals genetic isolation between Atlantic and East Mediterranean populations

  • Jeanne Gallagher (a1), John A. Finarelli (a2), Jónas P. Jonasson (a3) and Jens Carlsson (a1)

Nephrops norvegicus is a commercially valuable demersal fisheries species. Relatively little is understood about this species’ population dynamics across its distribution with previous mitochondrial and microsatellite studies failing to identify significant population-level differentiation. In this study, sequence variation in the mitochondrial (mtDNA) D-loop was analysed from samples across the distribution range, and compared with COI sequences for this species retrieved from GenBank. Analysis of a 375 bp fragment of the D-loop revealed significant genetic differentiation between samples from the North-east Atlantic and the east Mediterranean (FST = 0.107, P < 0.001). Tau (τ), theta (θ0 and θ1) and Fu's FS values suggest the species spread between 10,500 to 19,000 ybp and subsequently expanded rapidly across the Atlantic.

Corresponding author
Author for correspondence: Jeanne Gallagher, E-mail:
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