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A new species of Allogenus (Tricladida, Maricola, Uteriporidae) from South Georgia, Sub-Antarctica

  • Odile Volonterio (a1) and Paul E. Brewin (a2) (a3)

South Georgia is a remote sub-Antarctic island, considered a marine biodiversity ‘hotspot’ in the Southern Ocean. During a survey along the north coast of South Georgia several marine planarians were found. One of the specimens was a new species of Allogenus (Uteriporidae), which is described here as Allogenus sluysi sp. nov. The new species has the characteristics of the genus and can be distinguished from the type and only known species, Allogenus kerguelensis, by its smaller size, blackish-brown pigmentation, presence of three retinal cells in each eye cup, position of its testes half-way between the ventral and dorsal body surfaces or at a slightly more ventral position, and by having an ejaculatory duct that opens centrally at the tip of the penis papilla. The presently known geographical distribution of Allogenus, the heterogeneous marine planarian species composition in South Georgia, and the distribution of these species in this region are in agreement with a previously proposed vicariance hypothesis, albeit that dispersal cannot be ruled out.

Corresponding author
Correspondence should be addressed to: O. Volonterio, Sección Zoología de Invertebrados, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la República, Iguá 4225, piso 8 sur, Montevideo, Uruguay email:
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