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New species of Monticellina and Chaetozone (Polychaeta: Cirratulidae) in the SW Atlantic, and a review of Monticellina species

  • R. Elias (a1), M.S. Rivero (a1) and J.M. Lobo Orensanz (a2)


During quantitative surveys two new species of Cirratulidae from subtidal bottoms of the Atlantic coast of Argentina were collected. They belong to the genera Monticellina and Chaetozone. Monticellina morae sp. nov. is characterized by the presence of a long peristomium of smooth appearance, but triannulated at SEM, bearing the dorsal tentacles in the posterior part, with the first pair of branchiae posterolateral to the dorsal tentacles in chaetiger 1. The body is divided into three parts, an anterior region laterally expanded and with crowded segments, a middle region with beadlike chaetigers and an inflated and crowded posterior region. Chaetozone larae sp. nov. is characterized by an inflated dorsally and laterally expanded anterior crowded region. Peristomium biannulated laterally, with a dorsal crest on the first and second annuli that occupy the entire width, and then a narrow crest in the following annulus (interpreted as an achaetous segment). Capillaries are lanceolate, short and long, with acicular spines curved, forming partial cinctures. In addition, a comparative table of all described species of Monticellina is included and the distinctive characters are discussed.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: R. Elias, Laboratorio de Bioindicadores Bentónicos, Departamento de Ciencias Marinas, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata – Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras (IIMyC), Deán Funes 3350. B 7602 AYL Mar del Plata, Argentina email:


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