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Studies on Marine Flagellates

  • Mary Parke (a1)

Six marine flagellates, used as food in the rearing of the larvae of Ostrea edulis L., are described.

One belongs to the Chlorophyceae, Pyramimonas grossii n.sp. (Polyblepharidaceae); four belong to the Chrysophyceae, Chromulina pleiades n.sp. (Chromulinaceae), Isochrysis galbana n.g., n.sp., Dicrateria inornata n.g., n.sp., D. gilva n.g., n.sp. (Isochrysidaceae); and one belongs to the Cryptophyceae, Hemiselmis rufescens n.g., n.sp. (Nephroselmidaceae).

A form of reproduction in a palmelloid phase, not previously described, is recorded for the Isochrysidaceae.

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