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Language and Cognition
  • ISSN: 1866-9808 EISSN: 1866-9859
  • Editors: Professor Panos Athanasopoulos Lancaster University, UK , Dr Daniel Casasanto University of Chicago, USA , Professor Vyvyan Evans Bangor University, UK , Dr Christopher Hart Lancaster University, UK , Professor David Kemmerer Purdue University, USA and Professor Laura Michaelis University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
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Language and Cognition is a venue for the publication of high quality peer-reviewed research of a theoretical and/or empirical/experimental nature, focusing on the interface between language and cognition. It is open to research from the full range of subject disciplines, theoretical backgrounds, and analytical frameworks that populate the language and cognitive sciences, on a wide range of topics. Research published in the journal adopts an interdisciplinary, comparative, multi-methodological approach to the study of language and cognition and their intersection.

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  • Why all John’s friends are Dutch, not German
  • 15 August 2016, Jesse Lund
  • A genitive construction involving the universal quantifier all, such as All John’s friends, is very natural and commonplace in English and Dutch. The same cannot...