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  • ISSN: 1866-9808 (Print), 1866-9859 (Online)
  • Editors: Dr Bodo Winter University of Birmingham, UK, Dr Lauren Ackerman Newcastle University, UK, Dr Stefan Hartmann Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf, Germany, Dr Judith Holler Radboud University, The Netherlands, Dr Catherine Laing University of York, UK, Dr Heng Li Sichuan International Studies University, China, Dr Laura J. Speed Radboud University, The Netherlands, and Dr Norbert Vanek University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Editorial board
Language and Cognition is a venue for the publication of high-quality empirical research focusing on the interface between language and cognition. It is open to research from the full range of subject disciplines, theoretical backgrounds, and analytical frameworks that populate linguistics and the cognitive sciences. We aim to cover a wide range of interdisciplinary research focused on theoretical issues surrounding the language system.

In addition to the traditional areas of cognitive linguistics (e.g., construction grammar, metaphor theory, linguistic relativity, sensorimotor simulation), we especially welcome research which considers theoretical linguistic questions within a broader cognitive context. We also strongly encourage submissions investigating iconicity, multimodality, signed languages, gesture, or language evolution. We generally do not consider applied work, such as classroom based research, or studies focused on education, language aptitude or language teaching.

Language and Cognition is the official journal of the UK Cognitive Linguistics Association. From 2021 the journal is published online only.

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